How I Charge

My copywriting rates

and the philosophy behind them

Copywriters’ fees are all over the place — from, “Wow! That’s so cheap!” to, “Seriously? We don’t even pay our lawyers that much.” I’m somewhere in between.

(All you have to do is ask: Request my fee schedule.)

You’ll find my rates entirely reasonable, well within the standard fee ranges for experienced copywriters — and, in case you’re wondering, priced by the project, not by the hour. They’re also slightly closer to the lawyer than to the “That’s so cheap” writer.

You’re hiring 17 years of copywriting experience.

To explain why, let me tell you a great story from economist Thomas Sowell.

A tourist strolling the boardwalk of a coastal city stops at a caricaturist’s stand and sits down to have his picture drawn. Five minutes later, the caricaturist hands his completed work to the tourist, whose face lights up when he sees it.

“This is amazing!” the tourist says. “I love it! What do I owe you?”

“Thirty dollars,” says the caricaturist.

“You’re kidding, right?” asks the tourist. “Thirty dollars? It took you five minutes.”

“No,” explains the caricaturist. “It took me 20 years and 5 minutes.”

When you hire me, you’re hiring 17 years of professional experience writing all types of content, for businesses of all sizes, across dozens of industries. You’re hiring the deep understanding of how copy works, and when it won’t, that can come only after writing thousands of words every week for nearly two decades.

Why would you pay for hours instead of quality?

To paraphrase the bad guy in the movie Miami Vice, when your business hires a copywriter, you’re not paying for a service — you’re paying for a result.

In my case, that result will be an exceptional, compelling document — the document you were hoping for — delivered within the timeframe you need it.

For a thorough explanation of why hourly billing is counterproductive for both client and vendor, please read my article on the topic, published by Lifehack.

Bottom line, though: Paying a writer based on number of hours worked is about as arbitrary as paying that writer for the number of times he hits the “r” key.

What you want is great copy, delivered as quickly as possible, from a reliable copywriter who’s a pleasure to work with. That’s what I deliver.

Request my fee schedule.