Who I Am

I’m a writer. Pure and simple.

I write things that businesses use to sell their stuff. These businesses — from startups to multibillion-dollar corporations — also use my copy to introduce themselves to new prospects, increase engagement with existing customers, build their credibility, and position their executives as thought leaders.

Point is: I’m a pure copywriter. No hyphens. No slashes.

If you’re looking for a copywriter / content marketing specialist / digital advertising strategist / SEO expert / online marketing maven… I’m not the writer for you.

My elevator pitch wouldn’t even take us from the lobby to the second floor:
“Who me? I’m a corporate copywriter. (Awkward silence…) So, what do you do?”

I’m the luckiest guy around.

Because I’m a full-time freelance writer. I get to do this every day. For two decades — my entire professional life, since graduating from UCLA — I’ve spent my days writing. Some kids dream of being astronauts. I dreamed of this.

Every morning, my wife and I drop off our daughter at elementary school, grab a Starbucks, walk the dog, and then I roll into the little office I rent just up the street from our house. Then I close my door… and write all day.

On any given day I could be writing blogs, bylined articles, case studies, white papers, web copy, marketing emails, video scripts, presentations, speeches, advertisements, infographics, product data sheets… you name it.

When it’s time to pick up the little one from school, I stop writing and lock up my office.
(Then — and please don’t tell my daughter — after she goes to bed, I start writing again.)

I’m busy as #@&%.

Not to brag, but word gets around. So my schedule is usually oversubscribed with writing projects. But I love what I do — and the money’s nice — so I’m always happy to talk with new clients to see how I can help them.

But enough about me.

Let’s talk about you.