Why Hire Me

Why businesses hire me to write their copy

and why they keep rehiring me for years

I’m 100% reliable.

Like the sun coming up in the morning. Like death and taxes. Like someone at Thanksgiving dinner saying, “I’m going to start eating better on Monday.” When a client hands me a writing assignment, and I tell them I’ll have a first draft on Tuesday, that client knows — knows — they’ll have a completed draft on Tuesday.

I do what I promise to do, when I promise to do it. No excuses. Ever.

I’m fast.

And I mean fast. Like that guy’s voice reciting the disclaimers at the end of a car commercial. If you need a case study banged out in a couple of days, I’ll get it done. If you need a white paper for your tradeshow next week, I’ll get it done. If you have a deadline so ridiculous that you’re not even sure if you should ask me… yep, I’ll get it done.

If I wrote any faster, the words would be blurry.

I’m easy to work with.

Writers can be a fussy bunch. Sensitive. Temperamental. Hostile to criticism. Unwilling to take direction. That’s why businesses often have such a hard time finding a good copywriter.

But you won’t have any of those issues. Not with me.

I’m about as easy-going a person as you’ll ever meet. Why? Great parenting, partly. But also because I get it. I’m here to write for you. You tell me what your business needs to say, why, and to whom — and I’m off hammering out a first draft.

Change your mind mid-stream? Want something else? No worries. Just let me know and I’ll be off to work on draft two.

Like I said, easy to work with.

I can write my *&# off!

Of course, none of these other promises I’m making to you will mean a thing if my writing stinks.

And hey, maybe you’ll think it does. Maybe when I say, “I can write my &# off,” you’ll respond, “This guy’s writing is ^%$@*!” What I can tell you, though, is that when a business hires me to write their copy, they tend to keep coming back to me for years.

But don’t take my word for any of this. I invite you to see the quality of my writing for yourself, and to read what my clients say about it.

Ready to chat about your copywriting needs?